11 Jan 2012

MTN close to 100 million subscriptions in Africa

A recent document by Informa Telecoms & Media of the top operating groups by subscriptions shows that MTN is well ahead of its competitors in Africa. the South Africa-based group is getting close to the 100 million subscriber mark, with 92,466,137 subscriptions.
Its main competitors are further behind, with Vodafone/Vodacom at 52.5 million, Bharti Airtel at 44.6 million, France Telecom/Orange at 35.6 million, and Orascom completing the top 5 with 27.9 million. The other two groups with major presence in Africa are Etisalat with 20.8 million subscriptions (largely through its Atlantique Telecom subsidiary) and Millicom International with 16.9 million subscriptions under the Tigo brand.