16 Jan 2012

Nader Gohar of CNC to discuss the role of the media at North Africa Com

Nader Gohar, Chairman of CNC Cairo News Company, and Chairman of the Arab Union of Electronic Media Journalists will be a keynote speaker at North Africa Com, to discuss the expanding role of the media in North Africa’s new digital society.
Nader Gohar is a pioneer in TV news production in the Middle East and an award-winning producer. His extensive career in journalism gives him an incomparable expertise on the changing role of the media, as well as first-hand experience of the importance of the media in the socio-political landscape in the region.
In 2011, he and his CNC staff fully supported the Egyptian Revolution being the first to cover the complete picture from Tahrir Square, risking their lives to do so. As a result in April 2011 Nader Gohar was honored at the Radio & Television Correspondent annual dinner at Washington DC convention hall for his role at the television coverage of the Egyptian revolution.
His experience will bring a unique perspective on the role of the media in North Africa's digital landscape. The event will take place in Tunis on 15-16 May.

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