10 Feb 2011

Senegal’s Minister of Telecommunications to give an Opening Keynote at West & Central Africa Com, Dakar, 15th June

Moustapha Guirassy, Minister of Communication, Telecommunications and Information & Communications Technologies, and Spokesperson of the Government of Senegal, confirmed this week that he was to give an Opening Keynote Allocution at West & Central Africa Com in Dakar in June.
The event is the annual meeting place for all stakeholders in the telecommunications ecosystem in the region, which embraces most of French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa as well as some key markets such as Nigeria and Ghana. The programme includes keynote presentations from the region’s leading operators, with in particular keynote presentations from Tiemoko Coulibaly, CEO of Francophone Africa for Airtel, and Bernard Ghillebaert, head of West Africa and Asia at Orange Group.
Moustapha Guirassy will open the conference on the first day with an official welcome address and a presentation of Senegal’s telecommunications and ICT strategy. Mr Guirassy has been minister of Communication and Spokesperson for the Government of Senegal since 2009, and has been in charge of telecommunications and ICT since June 2010. In this role he has led the adoption of a new Code for Telecommunications, a major reform in Senegal’s telecommunications sector. It forms part of the process of harmonisation of telecommunications regulatory frameworks across West Africa and its objective is to encourage a more competitive and dynamic market. In particular, the reform gives a new autonomous status for Senegal’s regulatory authority ARTP, in line with international best practice for regulatory authorities. As Senegal’s market has become more and more competitive following the entry of new operator Expresso Telecom and branded service provider Kirene Mobile (on Sonatel Orange’s network), the ARPT’s role is set to play an important part in the development of one of the region’s key markets.
The conference programme for West & Central Africa Com is still being finalised. For more information visit our website