27 Nov 2013

Gearing up for the 10th anniversary of EurasiaCom

After the calm of the storm which is AfricaCom, you may have tought we'd be having a rest here in the Com World Series Team, but no! We have been working hard with our partners and featured contributors to prepare what is set to be a stellar 10th anniversary EurasiaCom (25-26 March, Istanbul). We're about to issue the brochure for this event which will feature new streams and topics including business strategies for operators, mobile money, a focus on profitabily and developments in connectivity technology. We we also be hosting the second annual AppGig which is free to attend for all app developers. 

Join our key speakers from the leading regional operators including host operator, Turkcell, as well as MTS, Beeline, Deutsche Telekom, TeliaSonera Eurasia, Virgin, Vodafone, Azerfon, Altel,Telekom Srbija, and may more. 

Be sure to check out the all new website for 2014 which will be live very soon, and download your pdf brochure there too. 

21 Nov 2013

2014 Mobile Industry Outlook Report: free to download from analyst house Informa Telecoms & Media

Download full report here: http://bit.ly/1ejClBg

We all know that the Internet and broadband connectivity have had a profound impact on the businesses of – and the future prospects for – each and every player in the telecoms and media value chain. But quantifying this impact is more difficult.

At Informa Telecoms & Media we have embarked upon a major research program that looks at the telecoms and media value chain and how value has shifted between its constituent parts.

Our analysis encompasses telecoms operators, TV companies, digital media firms, software and hardware vendors, and device and consumer electronics companies. In some cases, our analysis will serve to validate trends that we are already aware of – for example, the decline in traditional voice services and the shift in value to broadband connectivity and digital media. Our research will put numbers behind this change and quantify the extent to which value is being created (or destroyed) rather than merely shifting from one part of the value chain to another.

This IndustryOutlook 2014 report includes the early, top-level findings from our value chain research. The other three sections cover the future of the telco, strategies to prosper in the new media ecosystem and how telcos can grow their enterprise revenues with new segmentation strategies:

  • ·         Future telco strategies
  • ·         Consumers: Getting to grips with a new media ecosystem
  • ·         Enterprises: Succeeding with new segments
  • ·         Value creation, value redistribution and value destruction

We hope you enjoy the report which includes highlights from our research in 2013. This year, we have also included our 2014 research agenda in the report. We hope the themes that our analysts have chosen resonate with key issues for your business.

Our research agenda is developed in close cooperation with our customers which is why we have managed to build such strong relationships with so many of you.

Download full report here: http://bit.ly/1ejClBg

15 Nov 2013

Re-live the 2013 AfricaCom Awards!

Were you at the awards ceremony? Did you miss it this year? 

Either way you can experience it all again in this handy little video! The AfricaCom Awards was an unforgettable evening of achievements, celebration and inspiration and we've summed up as best we can all the magical highlights from this incredible evening. 

Check out the video below to re-live the 2013 AfricaCom Awards:

Fuel cells offer solution to mobile device energy challenges

By Dr. Jon Moore, Director of Communications, Intelligent Energy 

There is no question; mobile devices are now integral to our daily lives. They are also an essential cog in the economic machinery of individuals and businesses throughout the world. This is especially pronounced in developing economies where mobile has transformed the way consumers and businesses operate, indeed increases in the use of mobile telephony are directly related to increased economic growth. Only this week, the GSMA reported that the mobile ecosystem directly supported 3.3 million jobs and contributed US $21 billion to public funding in the sub-Saharan Africa and is set to double its economic effect by 2020.

With the exciting launch of the Mxit 7 social media app, LTE mobile Internet and m-payments topping the agenda at AfricaCom, it is all too easy to forget that even in South Africa the most important daily function of the mobile phone is for making calls – whether calling family, friends, or conducting the essential transactions that keep businesses growing.  

But, take away the power for mobile devices and suddenly our connected world falls into disarray. The mobile world and all that it enables lasts only as long as its batteries!

There was a time, not so long ago before apps, Internet and super-resolution cameras when the deciding factor when choosing a mobile phone was their talk-time. Today, our phones and other mobile devices are getting smarter and more capable; and this means they are becoming more power hungry which further increases the demand on their batteries.

It would be fair to say that improvements in battery technology have not kept pace with the demands of today’s mobile technology and habits. How often do you have to recharge your phone in a typical working day for example? In fact, a study of South African mobile users conducted by Intelligent Energy showed that 30.4% said “every day” and 5.9% even charge several times a day. 

Even if you have access to mains electricity, it takes time to recharge and you may be competing with colleagues for power outlets. In South Africa, 37m people have access to power, but following a boom in device adoption, there are now 59m mobile devices. That’s a lot of competition for a socket if you’re caught short on battery. We found that an astonishing 83.5% of South African consumers are willing to pay to recharge their phone when it loses power.

It is not acceptable that progress, smarter working and economic growth are endangered because of battery limitations. Quite simply, ways have to be found to put more energy into people’s hands. We can’t afford to wait for a breakthrough in battery technology which may never happen, so what is to be done? Fortunately there is an answer, and it comes in the form of hydrogen fuel cells.

Fuel cells, such as those being commerclialised by Intelligent Energy and our partners, are suitable for a range of sectors. They are a highly efficient and clean way of generating electricity, combining hydrogen with air to produce power with no polluting emissions.  A highly scalable technology, they are being targeted at a wide range of applications, from cars, buses, and motorbikes to back-up and distributed power generation and for providing power to mobile devices.

At Intelligent Energy, we have been working to bring fuel cell technology and its compelling attributes into the world of consumer electronics. This came to fruition yesterday at AfricaCom when we launched Upp, a personal energy device, to charge and power USB-compatible portable electronic devices, such as smartphones, feature phones, eReaders, tablets, portable gaming consoles, as well as digital cameras. 

With billions of USB devices used by consumers worldwide, Upp delivers at least one week of charge even to the most demanding, power-hungry smartphones,  giving mobile consumers the energy freedom and independence to stay connected for longer. Now you can have your own personal and instant energy whenever and wherever you need it, whether you’re at home, work or on the road.

This year, we have carried out successful consumer field deployments in region and are now in the process of expanding and recruiting further mobile partners worldwide.  We believe Upp is a real game changer for Africa and we look forward to working with users and the mobile ecosystem to give Africa freedom from the grid.

For more information please visit www.beupp.com, and join the discussion on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

14 Nov 2013

Highlights from the third and final day of another phenomenal AfricaCom...

The final day at AfricaCom goes out with a bang as we bid farewell to Cape Town for another year...


Well thats it! Another year, another incredible event. Here's a few snippets of the best bits from day 3. Thanks to all 8000 of you who came along... See you in November 2014!

Day 3 Keynote “Next Steps to Connect Africa”
Richard Bell, Vice Chairman at Wananchi, opened the final day of AfricaCom 2013 detailing how fixed broadband networks will be the platform for the next surge in African telecoms. Strong investment in the infrastructure continues, as the explosion of content drives traffic on the internet and promotes economic growth in the region.

The devices discussion continues and panellists from Microsoft and Intelligent-Energy assessed the specific needs of African consumers. Price remains a key factor in the purchase decision, but as smartphone prices continue to fall, consumers are prepared to pay a little more for added functionality.

The keynote session wrapped up with MTN's perspective on how to enhance the quality of connectivity across Africa.

Regulatory Evolution
Africa has a dynamic regulatory space which significantly impacts the whole continent’s communications industry. The take away from today’s Regulatory Evolution stream at AfricaCom was a real toolbox focusing on increasing competition to drive fairness. Speakers discussed the use of market intervention to avoid domination, easing market entry; economies of scale, and mandatory infrastructure sharing were just some.

Infrastructure Sharing
Helios Towers’ hosted Infrastructure Sharing stream today proved that it’s come a long way from mere outsourcing as it was considered years ago. The models to reduce both CapEx and OpEx are varied and the advantages far reaching: from operators and clients to ecological and aesthetic benefits. Infrastructure sharing is also set to grow strongly over the coming years thanks to increasing regulator support.

Wireless Broadband
The third day of AfricaCom featured the extremely popular wireless broadband stream with a turn out proving the continent’s dedication and desires to connect each corner of the vast continent. Topics discussed included current levels of internet penetration, network infrastructure, cost and management issues, as well as human and development factors. Wireless technology is most certainly something which will continue to give the industry much to talk about.

Big Data
AfricaCom took on the buzz of Big Data on Day 3 in the first-ever dedicated session on the topic. A world-class speaker line-up featured Huawei’s Big Data expert delivering the opening keynote, followed by case studies from the City of Cape Town, First National Bank and Deutsche Telekom. Mahindra Comviva and Folup also discussed the future value of Big Data as one of the most promising technologies.

AfricaCast had a fantastic final day looking at local content and the impact of this content across Africa. Major case studies came from regional stations including Cape Town TV, Channels TV and Umuntu Media. This was mixed in with a special presentation from Stephane Mayoux, Current Affairs Editor for BBC Africa, discussing the future of the BBC in Africa.

AfricApps had a day full of local innovation from local app developers. It continued the themes of the Google workshop the previous day looking at the importance of SDKs and the evolution of User Consumption. Highlights a workshop led by Polymorph, as well as a presentation from local developer Polymorph looking at creating apps that cater to Africans Abroad.

AfricaCom Awards winners announced!

The star-studded AfricaCom Awards took place yesterday evening, the 6th annual ceremony and gala dinner which recognises the most outstanding initiatives in the African telco, media and ICT industries. Among the winners were Huawei, Liquid, Orange and Ericsson who, along with other attendees, enjoyed the surprise flash mob and two live bands while mingling with the industry elite. A special congratulations to Chris Wood from WIOCC who was awarded the coveted Industry Personality of the Year Award.

Informa were proud to support Engineers Without Borders as the official partner charity and celebrate another extremely dynamic and successful year of changing lives through technology in Africa.

Congratulations to all the proud winners! The full list of winners can be found here.

Twitter highlights from day 3...

"Thank you @AllAboutCom for a fantastic show" -@uppspiration

"Great show #AfricaCom and new clients for PMT" -@markusschorn
"What a fantastic third and final day at #AfricaCom" -@Alcatel1TouchSA
"Excellent speakers this afternoon in Monetising Content session #AfricaCom" -@BroderickCom
 "#AfricaCom is huge this year!" -@radwin_ltd

See You Next Year!
To get involved early for the 2014 show, please visit our website.

AfricaCom 2014
11-13 November 2014,  
CTICC, Cape Town, South Africa

Visit our website: www.comworldseries.com/africa

4G in Africa: Where mobile means more


The increase in mobile use in Africa is no secret. Currently the fastest growing market for smartphones and accountable for over 60% of the continent’s internet traffic, it is a thriving and dynamic mobile economy. But despite the significant growth in mobile usage and breadth of mobile services available to people in Africa, levels of connectivity still have some progress to make. Operators and network providers are continuously investigating opportunities to introduce faster ways of connecting to the mobile literate continent – a topic we are hearing more about at this year’s AfricaCom event in Cape Town.

As in other parts of the world, 4G is currently being rolled out across Africa but differences in LTE frequency band adoption and channel bandwidths between operators could hamper interoperability – a valid concern. Combine this, however, with the limited disposable income mobile users have in the continent, and the fact that many mobile devices are shared between individuals, and it’s easy to see how recouping costs for 4G rollout is relatively limited in comparison to other, more developed markets.

That said, new deployment tactics are being introduced more frequently as operators assess the current opportunities to introduce 4G connectivity to countries in Africa. Looking to the future, establishing solid 4G networks could not only provide more for the 800 million mobile subscribers, but could further develop IT services in the continent.

Africa’s largest annual communications exhibition, AfricaCom has returned to Cape Town this week; dubbed to be the biggest of its kind to-date. Demand for faster networks is prevalent across the continent and this event will address many of the issues operators are currently trying to overcome. The event not only highlights that significant development of the mobile economy is currently underway across Africa, but also heralds a bright future for Africa in a data-centric world.

Find out more about AfricaCom here: http://africa.comworldseries.com/


SAP are exhibiting at AfricaCom 2013. Come and meet them at the event today at stand E11. Just turn up with a business card and register for your free exhibition pass onsite.

Announcing the Winners of the 2013 AfricaCom 2013 Awards!

At a glittering gala event held overlooking the picturesque Table Bay, Cape Town, the ICT, Telecommunications and Media industries came together to celebrate and acknowledge some of the industry’s best achievements that have taken place across the African continent over the past 12 months.

A massive congratulations to all the deserving winners of a 2013 AfricaCom Award. This year the competition was tougher than ever and we were delighted to receive so many inspirational entries. 

Download the press release for full details on each winning entry, or see below for the round-up of winners in our 14 prestigious categories.  

Congratulations to all our worthy 2013 winners:

Best Network Improvement
Huawei Technologies- Huawei  FMC Solution
Best Quality User Experience
Ericsson- Ericsson Multiscreen Self-care
     ericsson logo
Best Cost Efficiency Solution for Africa
Liquid Telecom- Liquid Telecom - the longest fibre links in Africa 
Rural Telecoms Award
Safaricom limited- VUMA online
Best Connectivity Solution for Africa 
Seacom- Remote Peering 
Best Marketing Campaign
Orange- Orange African Cup of Nations 2013
Best Mobile Marketing Campaign 
Mobitainment- The Excella'nt Competition
Best Digital Music Initiative 
Spice VAS Africa Pte Ltd- MOD360
Best Mobile Money Service 
Mahindra Comviva- Ecocash
Best App-for-Africa
Prezence- Bid or Buy
 prezence logo
Most Innovative Service
MTN Swaziland- MTN XtraTime
Best Pan-African Initiative
Seacom- SEACOM's IP Network
Industry Personality of the Year 
WIOCC- Chris Wood
 winner chris wood     wiocc logo
Open Idea- Medigraf
Winners of the Etisalat Pan-African Prize for Innovation:
1st prize: Gennii Games
2nd prize: Efiwe Mobile Application

Winners of the Orange African Social Venture Prize
1st prize: QuickDo,
2nd prize: Ivoire Job
3rd prize:Chifco

13 Nov 2013

A round-up of another exciting day at the 16th annual AfricaCom...

The buzz continues for a second day at Africa's largest digital event!

More exciting highlights from AfricaCom 2013. Day 2 went off with a bang... Come back tomorrow for the big finale!

Big-hitting Keynotes
An honest, plain-speaking panel discussion was the perfect opening to the second day of AfricaCom. Panellists from MTN, Orange, Intel, Google, Facebook and Mozilla discussed the increasing opportunities for digital services in Africa. Operator billing was a key focus. Surely win-win - but what is holding it up? Putting the customer at the heart of the strategy - if there is not an easy way to pay, the digital ecosystem will fail. The panel agreed on the need to pull together to encourage the development and distribution of content and services with a local flavour,

Who better to open the LTE stream than Irene Charnley, Group CEO of Smile. Irene presented her experience as the first operator to launch 4G services in Africa.  Irene emphasised Smile's strategy of highlighting the customer experience and making it the main focus of all aspects of the business. Smile's subscribers benefit from the high speed delivery of innovative content over LTE networks, and a transparent system to prevent bill shock following data usage.
Panel speakers identified key challenges preventing the mass take-up of LTE in Africa - device availability, spectrum allocation, Volte not yet available. But Smile remain positive and aim to be delivering LTE to the mass market by this time next year. We look forward to an update at AfricaCom 2014!

The Open Data Centre Alliance evening reception kick-started two days of content on Cloud & Big Data, in a musical evening with great networking. The jam-packed morning sessions of Cloud @ AfricaCom featured some of Africa’s leading telcos including Telkom, Vodacom, and Safaricom together with Amazon Web Services discussing the future of telco Cloud in the region.

Customer Experience Management stream today focused on interaction, new means of creating proximity and communicating with the customer through e-mail, chat, voice, video calls, social media etc. Ways of converting issues into opportunities to provide excellent services were discussed also with intelligence provided on what can be done in CEM to turn it into a distinguishing quality and value adding characteristic for the telco.

Mobile Money
Mobile Money at AfricaCom got off to a philisophical start focusing on what exactly mobile money is and should be, offering a tentative conclusion that “Mobile money is emotional – it should be quick and easy, turning each individual into an agent, into an ATM”. The debate also covered interoperability and customer service, as well as regulation and cross-border transactions.

AfricApps delivered a major developer workshop looking at the future of the Cloud and Google’s role in this. Led by Daniel Acton Technical Account Manager at Google, this looked in detail at the potential opportunities presented by the Android Platform for Sub-Saharan mobile app developers

Africa’s major broadcast conference reached its peak today with major highlights including a presentation from the CEO of the SABC, Lulama Mokhobo. Contributing presentations included two major presentations from Google; firstly from Brett StClair, discussing the role of YouTube in Africa, secondly from Arno Hart Project Manager at TENET discussing the future of the Google white spaces trial in Africa.

More Twittermonials from day 2...

"Interesting day 2 at the #AfricaCom  #MobileMoneyAfrica conference" -@‏LaylaLaurenLeo

"Buzzing at the #AfricaCom. Some much to see..."

"Day two at #AfricaCom in full swing"

"An Amazing line up of speakers today at #AfricaCom" -@Alcatel1TouchSA

Follow the events as they unfold on our Storify page!

AfricaCom Awards Show
The most eagerly awaited, respected and renowned awards ceremony within the African Telecoms, Media & ICT industries begins tonight at The Waterfront Lookout, Granger Bay in Cape Town, South Africa from 7pm. 

View the full line-up of all the Awards contenders here

With live entertainment and MC Nik Rabinowitz; this will be a night of entertainment, celebration and great networking.

The Awards Ceremony has sold out – so if you failed to secure a seat or table, then make sure you join us at the After Party, which is free and there is an open invitation for all.  It starts at 10.30pm tonight.

We hope to see you there!

  • 19:00 AfricaCom Awards drinks reception
  • 19:30 AfricaCom Awards Show begins
  • 22:30 PCCW Global AfricaCom Awards Free After party – FREE FOR ALL - (The Waterfront Lookout, Granger Bay)

Coming up tomorrow...
Thursday 14th November

AfricaCom Conference Sessions 

  •  07:30 AfricaCom Registration opens
  •  09:00 AfricaCom Conference Begins – Day 3 Keynote session (Auditorium 2)
  • 14:00  Regulatory Evolution (Roof Terrace)
  • 12:00  Infrastructure Sharing (Roof Terrace)
  • 12:00 Wireless Broadband (Room 1:6)
  • 12:15  Monetising Content & Data (Auditorium 2)
  • 12:00  Big Data (Room 1:4)
  • 12:00  AfricApps (Jasminium Restaurant)
  • 14:00  Regulatory Evolution (Roof Terrace)
  • 17:15 End of Conference sessions 
 AfricaCom Exhibition
  • 10:00 Exhibition opens
  • 11:00 MasterClass Theatre – LTE session (Exhibition Hall)
  • 17:00 Exhibition Closing Time

For more information, check out the finalised programme here

The future of Africa’s mobile content delivery

  • The mobile multimedia content delivery market represents a key opportunity for Africa’s MNOs, with the music content industry alone predicted to reach $475 million by 2016.
  • Africa’s MNOs must deploy a multi-channel strategy to ensure that their multimedia content services are accessible to all customers, regardless of mobile device, channel or connectivity network.

Africa is one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world and is predicted to quadruple in size to a total value of $234 billion by 2020, with an annual growth rate of 44%. The continent is subject to rapidly developing mobile services and entrepreneurship as 3G, mobile broadband and 4G (LTE) coverage spreads across the continent. Mobile is a key part of Africa’s infrastructure with users now paying for a number of services and bills with their mobile device. As many Africans can’t access a PC or a landline telephone, mobile is the technological conduit for a variety of services.

An example of an industry that is benefiting from the increasing mobile capabilities in Africa is the multimedia content delivery industry, especially music content. The music streaming and downloads market in Africa represents an increasingly key opportunity for Africa’s MNOs, with revenue predicted to reach $475 million by 2016. Previously, unlicensed music has been a challenge in Africa, however the mobile channel is opening up distribution channels and is enabling MNOs to deliver guaranteed high quality licensed music to customers. In addition, mobile is benefiting the musicians themselves, by enabling them to reach a wider audience over a legitimate channel and not having to resort to piracy selling.

The African Mobile Music industry signifies of the future of Africa’s data demand, and if it follows the trends of the west, the demand for data and a high quality multimedia content service is only going to increase. With the MNO and data market in Africa far away from reaching saturation the importance of optimising revenue assurance strategies, customer relationship management strategies, multimedia content delivery optimisation and customer experience for the future should be at the forefront of the minds of MNOs. By optimising their infrastructure, services and CRM strategies, African MNOs can start building long lasting and profitable relationship with Africa’s mobile users.

However, the African multimedia content delivery market represents a unique challenge. As the African mobile market is still evolving with multiple devices and networks, a multi-channel approach is needed to ensure all customers can access multimedia content. This approach will enable MNOs to deliver multimedia content to their customers regardless of channel, mobile device or network used, allowing MNOs to unlock a number of financial and customer experience benefits.

How do Africa’s MNOs deliver multimedia content over multiple communication channels to ensure all customers can access content regardless of handset capability and network connectivity (3G, 4G, SMS, etc.)? IMImobile works with the majority of the Mobile Group Operators in Africa deploying our award winning DaVinci Content Management System (CMS) to deliver and manage multimedia content via SMS, USSD, STK, MMS, mobile app, Voice and Web channels, in over 30 countries in Africa. We have seen first-hand the advantages of adopting a multi-channel approach to multimedia content delivery with our clients reporting a significant boost in streaming demands and downloads which has unlocked additional revenue. In addition, they have used IMImobile’s DaVinci Campaign Manager to deliver personalised multi-channel marketing campaigns to customers to strengthen their customer relationship, reinforce loyalty and increase their multi-media service results by using the real time analytics feature to adjust campaigns on the fly for maximum results. Partnered with IMImobile, Africa’s MNOs are able to provide their customer with the multimedia content they want via any channel, any network connectivity, at any location.


IMIMobile are be exhibiting at AfricaCom 2013. Come and meet them at the event, at stand B10a. Just turn up with a business card and register for your free exhibition pass onsite.

12 Nov 2013

All the best bits from a fantastic first day at AfricaCom 2013...

Record numbers gather in Cape Town for another jam-packed show...
Here are just a few of the highlights from the opening day of AfricaCom 2013... we look forward to seeing you again tomorrow!

1... Cost efficient networks
The keynote session highlighted the requirement for increased investment in the networks, to cope with the data explosion. The cost-efficient networks stream identified strategies for increasing the quality of the network to the highest standard without excessive spend.  Delegates in the stream focussed in how to reduce capex and opex in a data hungry environment.

2... Entrepreneurs Incubator Hub
“All entrepreneurs need support and we need to drive education as a basis for fostering entrepreneurs, this is as, if not more, important that financing for an entrepreneur.” This is the message offered by the incubator, investment and start-up experts who shared their insight at today’s Entrepreneurs’ Incubator Hub at AfricaCom.

3... Mobile Money
Mobile Money at AfricaCom got off to a surprising start focusing on what exactly mobile money is and should be, offering a tentative conclusion that “Mobile money is emotional – it should be quick and easy, turning each individual into an agent, into an ATM”. The debate also covered interoperability and customer service, as well as regulation and cross-border transactions.

4... Digital Music Africa
A highlight of the Digital Music stream was the opening panel featuring AfriCori, Spice Africa, Etisalat, X5 Music Group and Warner Music. Moderated by Editor in Chief of Rolling Stone magazine Miles Keylock, panellists debated the level of piracy in the industry, and the revenue split between the key parties in the ecosystem. Is there enough transparency? Is the value add from the labels clear? Do the labels take too big a share of the revenue? Over 120 attendees enjoyed the debate and networking at the first Digital Music Africa event.

5... AfricApps
The first day of this year's AfricApps has been focussed on the impact of mobile advertising and marketing, assessing how this is changing the consumer expe
rience. Central to this is the innovation of major brands with a key case study coming from Andre De Wet, General Manager of Price Check.

6... AfricaCast
The multiplatform focus day has brought fantastic insights into the VOD and OTT opportunities that are growing in the African sub-continent. Central to this has been the rise of two new OTT platforms in Sub-Saharan Africa Buni TV, and iROKOtv.  The two CEOs of these global innovators presented their findings at the show.
With Cloud taking centre stage in many AfricaCom meetings this year, the dedicated Cloud @ AfricaCom stream is bound to attract interest from Africa’s telcos looking to increase their revenues through Cloud services. With the top 5 African ‘Cloud telcos’ presenting their ‘how to’ strategies, this is the right place to get thorough insights on the African sky of Clouds!

A snippet of what everyone's been saying on twitter...

"Africa Com - information overload, loving every second of it!"-  @RM_Borol

"Loving the buzz and liaising with all the #tech gurus" -


"Great debate on the future of mobile banking at #AfricaCom"

"A great buzz down at the #AfricaCom event today" -

Whats coming up over the next 2 days...
Wednesday 13th November

AfricaCom Conference Sessions

  • 07:15 AfricaCom Registration opens
  • 08:00 AfricaCom Conference Begins – Day 2 Keynote session (Auditorium 2)
  • 11:45  Africa Cast (Strelitzia Restaurant)
  • 11:45  Cloud@AfricaCom (Room 1:4)
  • 12:00  AfricApps (Jasminium Restaurant)
  • 12:10 Mobile Money Africa (Room 1:6)
  • 12:10  LTE@Africa (Auditorium 2)
  • 12:30  Customer Experience Management (Roof Terrace)
  • 18:00 End of Conference sessions  
AfricaCom Exhibition 
  • 10:00 Exhibition opens
  • 11:00 MasterClass Theatre - VAS & Content-M-health/Education/Government session (Exhibition Hall)
  • 18:00 Exhibition Closing Time
  • AfricaCom Awards Show
  • 19:00 AfricaCom Awards drinks reception
  • 19:30 AfricaCom Awards Show begins
  • 22:30 PCCW Global AfricaCom Awards Free After party – FREE FOR ALL - (The Waterfront Lookout, Granger Bay)

For more information, check out the finalised programme here

Thursday 14th November

AfricaCom Conference Sessions

  • 07:30 AfricaCom Registration opens
  • 09:00 AfricaCom Conference Begins – Day 3 Keynote session (Auditorium 2)
  • 14:00  Regulatory Evolution (Roof Terrace)
  • 12:00  Infrastructure Sharing (Roof Terrace)
  • 12:00 Wireless Broadband (Room 1:6)
  • 12:15  Monetising Content & Data (Auditorium 2)
  • 12:00  Big Data (Room 1:4)
  • 12:00  AfricApps (Jasminium Restaurant)
  • 14:00  Regulatory Evolution (Roof Terrace)
  • 17:15 End of Conference sessions  

AfricaCom Exhibition 

  • 10:00 Exhibition opens
  • 11:00 MasterClass Theatre – LTE session (Exhibition Hall)
  • 17:00 Exhibition Closing Time

For more information, check out the finalised programme here