13 Nov 2013

The future of Africa’s mobile content delivery

  • The mobile multimedia content delivery market represents a key opportunity for Africa’s MNOs, with the music content industry alone predicted to reach $475 million by 2016.
  • Africa’s MNOs must deploy a multi-channel strategy to ensure that their multimedia content services are accessible to all customers, regardless of mobile device, channel or connectivity network.

Africa is one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world and is predicted to quadruple in size to a total value of $234 billion by 2020, with an annual growth rate of 44%. The continent is subject to rapidly developing mobile services and entrepreneurship as 3G, mobile broadband and 4G (LTE) coverage spreads across the continent. Mobile is a key part of Africa’s infrastructure with users now paying for a number of services and bills with their mobile device. As many Africans can’t access a PC or a landline telephone, mobile is the technological conduit for a variety of services.

An example of an industry that is benefiting from the increasing mobile capabilities in Africa is the multimedia content delivery industry, especially music content. The music streaming and downloads market in Africa represents an increasingly key opportunity for Africa’s MNOs, with revenue predicted to reach $475 million by 2016. Previously, unlicensed music has been a challenge in Africa, however the mobile channel is opening up distribution channels and is enabling MNOs to deliver guaranteed high quality licensed music to customers. In addition, mobile is benefiting the musicians themselves, by enabling them to reach a wider audience over a legitimate channel and not having to resort to piracy selling.

The African Mobile Music industry signifies of the future of Africa’s data demand, and if it follows the trends of the west, the demand for data and a high quality multimedia content service is only going to increase. With the MNO and data market in Africa far away from reaching saturation the importance of optimising revenue assurance strategies, customer relationship management strategies, multimedia content delivery optimisation and customer experience for the future should be at the forefront of the minds of MNOs. By optimising their infrastructure, services and CRM strategies, African MNOs can start building long lasting and profitable relationship with Africa’s mobile users.

However, the African multimedia content delivery market represents a unique challenge. As the African mobile market is still evolving with multiple devices and networks, a multi-channel approach is needed to ensure all customers can access multimedia content. This approach will enable MNOs to deliver multimedia content to their customers regardless of channel, mobile device or network used, allowing MNOs to unlock a number of financial and customer experience benefits.

How do Africa’s MNOs deliver multimedia content over multiple communication channels to ensure all customers can access content regardless of handset capability and network connectivity (3G, 4G, SMS, etc.)? IMImobile works with the majority of the Mobile Group Operators in Africa deploying our award winning DaVinci Content Management System (CMS) to deliver and manage multimedia content via SMS, USSD, STK, MMS, mobile app, Voice and Web channels, in over 30 countries in Africa. We have seen first-hand the advantages of adopting a multi-channel approach to multimedia content delivery with our clients reporting a significant boost in streaming demands and downloads which has unlocked additional revenue. In addition, they have used IMImobile’s DaVinci Campaign Manager to deliver personalised multi-channel marketing campaigns to customers to strengthen their customer relationship, reinforce loyalty and increase their multi-media service results by using the real time analytics feature to adjust campaigns on the fly for maximum results. Partnered with IMImobile, Africa’s MNOs are able to provide their customer with the multimedia content they want via any channel, any network connectivity, at any location.


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