21 Nov 2013

2014 Mobile Industry Outlook Report: free to download from analyst house Informa Telecoms & Media

Download full report here: http://bit.ly/1ejClBg

We all know that the Internet and broadband connectivity have had a profound impact on the businesses of – and the future prospects for – each and every player in the telecoms and media value chain. But quantifying this impact is more difficult.

At Informa Telecoms & Media we have embarked upon a major research program that looks at the telecoms and media value chain and how value has shifted between its constituent parts.

Our analysis encompasses telecoms operators, TV companies, digital media firms, software and hardware vendors, and device and consumer electronics companies. In some cases, our analysis will serve to validate trends that we are already aware of – for example, the decline in traditional voice services and the shift in value to broadband connectivity and digital media. Our research will put numbers behind this change and quantify the extent to which value is being created (or destroyed) rather than merely shifting from one part of the value chain to another.

This IndustryOutlook 2014 report includes the early, top-level findings from our value chain research. The other three sections cover the future of the telco, strategies to prosper in the new media ecosystem and how telcos can grow their enterprise revenues with new segmentation strategies:

  • ·         Future telco strategies
  • ·         Consumers: Getting to grips with a new media ecosystem
  • ·         Enterprises: Succeeding with new segments
  • ·         Value creation, value redistribution and value destruction

We hope you enjoy the report which includes highlights from our research in 2013. This year, we have also included our 2014 research agenda in the report. We hope the themes that our analysts have chosen resonate with key issues for your business.

Our research agenda is developed in close cooperation with our customers which is why we have managed to build such strong relationships with so many of you.

Download full report here: http://bit.ly/1ejClBg