6 Jan 2012

Tunisiana's new CEO Ken Campbell to be a keynote speaker at North Africa Com

Ken Campbell took his new role as CEO of Tunisia's leading mobile operator Tunisiana in December 2011. He is no stranger to the company, as he was Commercial Director in 2003 before taking positions at Vodafone Romania, Bite group and Wind Mobile. His expertise in customer experience management was praised by Tunisiana's owners Qtel, and he said he was excited about the opportunities there, given the company has just bought a fixed-line provider and the country is undergoing dramatic changes.
Mr Campbell will join the Leadership Summit in the opening keynote session at North Africa Com, where he will share Tunisiana's strategic objectives, particularly on adapting to changing market conditions. The session will also benefit from the perspective of Michel Monzani, Senior VP for Orange's Middle East and North Africa Operations.