29 Mar 2016

Catch up with Eva Sow Ebion - CTIC Dakar

Eva Sow Ebion
Business Development Manager
CTIC Dakar

A member of incubator CTIC Dakar since 2012, Eva Sow Ebion's role as Business Development Manager is to build strong companies and champions of tech innovation in Senegal. She shares her experience and views in a few questions.

West Africa Com: Describe your experience and your role within CTIC Dakar

Eva Sow Ebion: I joined CTIC Dakar 4 years ago. First as a Business Developer, I contributed to the development of different products on the market by strengthening enterprises’ marketing and commercial strategies.

Then as a Communication & Marketing Manager, I worked to enhance the image and reputation of CTIC Dakar within our ecosystem, our partners and the community in particular through the organization of some 50 tech events in order to identify shining talents of digital and share the vision of the incubator. Also in partnership with local and international media, I accompanied the companies in the development and implementation of communications strategies.

Today as Business Development Manager, I support the companies incubated in terms of strategy for a more effective growth with the challenge of providing the besy structure for the companies at CTIC.
In this context, I guide incubated companies in their strategic thinking, their development plans, their business approach and implementation and evaluation of strategies developed.

WAC: What is the biggest challenge that you or your organization face this year?

ESE: First, the extension of CTIC’s offices to an additional 1000m2 space and then, CTIC’s position as the Hub dedicated to innovation, entrepreneurship and ICT. This year is for us a Pan-African year, especially with two new sub-regional programs, The Jambar LAb Tech, in partnership with the World Bank, and Waziup (IOT) in partnership with the European Union and a consortium of 12 European and West African partners.

WAC:  What are the most significant activities or news in your market at present?

  • The boom of E-Commerce
  • Awareness around Big Data
  • The incredible potential of the Internet of Things in rural areas
  • The establishment of incubators in universities and main colleges across the country.

WAC: In your opinion, what product or service will have the greatest impact on market development in West Africa in the coming years?

ESE: Without hesitation, big data.

WAC: What do you expect from your participation in West Africa Com this year?

ESE: To highlight innovation, provide visibility to entrepreneurs in Francophone Africa and to meet and network with exceptional and renowned stakeholders.

WAC: Outside the conference, what do you recommend visitors to do during their stay in Dakar?

  • Spend an afternoon on GorĂ©e Island and visit the House of Slaves
  • Enjoy braised chicken at La Calebasse (Restaurant)
  • Visit the Ile de la Madeleine and enjoy a boat ride
  • Enjoy Orchestra while having a drink at the French Institute of Bideew
Eva will attend West Africa Com in June as moderator of the entrepreneurship panel in the Innovation Forum, organized in partnership with CTIC.

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