7 May 2014

Yaya Ndjore discusses the most popular services for African consumers, mobile money, and top three major trends affecting his region

Ahead of VAS Africa 2014 we are in conversation with Yaya Ndjore, Head of Digital, Tigo Tanzania

Yaya Ndjore, Head of digital, Tigo Tanzania

Com World Series: Please describe your company’s position and objectives in Africa:

Yaya Ndjore: We aspire to be among the leading Telcos providers by following our triple a strategy.

Com World Series: What do you think are the top 3 major trends affecting your business in the region in 2014?

Yaya Ndjore: 1. Urbanization rate 2. Affluence rate 3. Saturation of Mobile in Cities

Com World Series: Which do you consider to be the most popular services for African consumers and enterprises?

Yaya Ndjore: Data is the simplest answer but we need to look at what services on top of that.

Com World Series: What are the main challenges operators need to adapt to in order to deliver attractive services to their customers?

Yaya Ndjore: Sophistication of the customer, adaptation to the emotional aspect of the service delivery.

Com World Series: What is the best way forward for operators and OTT players – competition or partnership?

Yaya Ndjore: Partnership

Com World Series: How are mobile money services likely to evolve in the years to come?

Yaya Ndjore: With already 61 million worldwide, in just few years of existence, they will grow further.

Com World Series: How do you see mobile fitting into marketing and advertising campaigns?

Yaya Ndjore: Great potential as Ad can be very mass targeting…

Com World Series: Which companies are showing most innovation in the region and what can be learnt from them?

Yaya Ndjore: Difficult question as all major companies are showing a lot of qualities in that regard MTN, VODAFONE and MILLICOM are leading the way/ lessons learnt: try to detect trends and understand the implications before anybody else.

See Yaya Ndjore speak on Day 2 of VAS (25th June 2014)