29 Apr 2014

Anthony Masunga discusses popular services, main operator challenges and money services, ahead of VAS Africa this June

Anthony Masunga, COO
Botswana Telecom

VAS Africa speaks with Anthony Masunga ahead of VAS Africa this June

VAS Africa: Please describe your company’s position and objectives in Africa

Anthony Masunga: My company (Botswana Telecommunications Corporation including beMOBILE) is evolving from single lines of business (Mobile, Fixed, Internet) into a converged operator. These changes were introduced in 2013 through organisational restructuring and will be supported by massive investment in technology to support the strategy of fixed mobile convergence. In addition to that, changes at shareholding level will involve partial privatisation of the whole company which would see the Government of Botswana listing 49% of the shares in the local Botswana Stock Exchange.

VAS Africa:  What do you think are the top 3 major trends affecting your business in the region in 2014?

Anthony Masunga: Consumer Demand: Access to Affordable, high quality internet

Capex for Fixed Access Network: Investment in the access network to improve wireline broadband connectivity vs returns

Capex for High Speed Mobile broadband (LTE and 3G): Investments in the mobile networks to improve mobile broadband experience vs. returns

VAS Africa:  Which do you consider to be the most popular services for African consumers and enterprises?

Anthony Masunga: Mobile money transfer for the consumers

VAS Africa: What are the main challenges operators need to adapt to in order to deliver attractive services to their customers?

Anthony Masunga: Truly identifying the needs of the customers (African markets differ from country to country and no single solution is fit-for-all markets)

VAS Africa:  What is the best way forward for operators and OTT players – competition or partnership?

Anthony Masunga: Partnership (Lowers opex for operators and improves time-to-market).

VAS Africa:  How are mobile money services likely to evolve in the years to come?

Anthony Masunga: More public utility companies will embrace the technology and it will be used for purchase of water, power, TV subscription and social payments.

VAS Africa:  How do you see mobile fitting into marketing and advertising campaigns?

Anthony Masunga: It will just be a cheaper and more direct form of marketing and advertising campaigns provided issues of SPAM are addressed

VAS Africa: Which companies are showing most innovation in the region and what can be learnt from them?

Anthony Masunga: First National Bank in partnership with different Mobile Networks for money transfer and payment services (e-wallet, m-wallet and payments)

See Anthony Masunga speak on the 24th June at 12:40! 

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