13 Jun 2012

Mobile Application Developers and their role in the Telecommunications Industry

Ajibola Aiyedogbon, our guest blogger for today, developed the My Cash Mobile Application”.  

He will be speaking tomorrow at 3pm on Day 2 of West and Central Africa Com, taking place at King Fahd Palace in Dakar, Senegal. He alongside 3 other panellists will discuss “How to encourage and support young ICT Entrepreneurs from the region”.

Today he shares his views on “the role of Mobile Application Developers in the Telecommunications Industry”.

There is a lot of discussion around mobile applications at the moment. Mobile applications penetrate where the PC couldn’t and still can’t go. They are way more personal and also easily accessible.

Applications make the mobile phone even more personalized, as they provide a range of value added services like productivity applications, integrated social networking and mobile gaming, etc, this is where developers come in. Developers create mobile applications; they provide the extra value on mobile phones apart from basic texting and calling. They could be working as a corporate entity or as indie developers. The apps market is largely populated by applications written by indie developers.

 The role developers play in the telecoms industry is quite simple, get consumers using more data, voice and SMS services. This directly translates to higher revenue for Mobile Network Operators, but developers have found it difficult to monetize these applications due to highly unfavourable revenue sharing based on short code billing; the nascent local apps market is being stifled.

Slow and unreliable data connectivity also present challenges to developers in monetizing their applications via other means such as advertising; without a critical mass of users, developers are not able to generate meaningful revenue.

Mobile Networks can release payment API’s for local mobile applications and guarantee developers at least 50% of the revenue generated. This would foster the local apps development market and in turn lead to many more applications built and used in the continent than currently exist. This could also have the effect of duplicating short code services as mobile applications generating value beyond 160 characters. It will lead to a higher number of consumers adopting high end devices because of the value delivered by local mobile applications.

The number of African mobile apps is steadily increasing despite the inability to easily monetize them. Mobile Networks can generate even higher revenue by fostering the ecosystem which will in turn drive users to use more data, voice and SMS services. 

To learn more, follow his blog: http://ajibz.tumblr.com

Ajibola Aiyedogbon
Mobile Developer
My Cash

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