15 Jun 2012

Friday News Round Up...

Emerging markets are increasingly seen as hubs of innovation and creative start-ups in their own right – not just attractive investment prospects. So in this age of activity, advancement and never ending news, we thought we’d put together a list of some of the Hot stories we come across: this week, a focus on Africa as the Com World Series team is back from West & Central Africa Com in Senegal.

Hot Stories in Emerging Markets

Tim cohen: plenty of fat to cut out of the cellphone business

Access is a fundamental need

Sub-Saharan Africa economic growth remains robust – World Bank http://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/sub-saharan-africa-economic-growth-remains-robust-world-bank-2012-06-13

Several African countries ahead of Europe in the race to LTE

Price war hurts smaller operators in Tanzania; mergers & acquisitions likely

3G licences and more international fibre bandwidth set to boost Gabon’s broadband market in 2012

Picture of the week

Map of tech hubs and incubators in Africa
Video of the week
West & Central Africa Com features in Africa24’s news bulletin – Interviews and feedback on the market on the video link below from 4:30 minutes in

Blog Spot
West & Central Africa Com 2012 - See your next year!

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