19 Mar 2012

Tunisiana's Ken Campbell talks about his company's strategy ahead of his participation to North Africa Com

Ken Campbell was appointed CEO of Qtel-owned Tunisiana in December 2011. He was CCO at the Tunisian operator in 2003-2004, before moving on to Vodafone Romania, Bite Group in the Baltic region, and WIND in Italy. At the time of his appointment, Dr. Nasser Marafih, CEO of Qtel Group, said: “Ken brings great experience and track record in the commercial and customer services, and will prove instrumental in ensuring that the quality of customer experience is consistently at the highest possible levels.”
The Com World Series team asked him his thoughts on Tunisia's telecoms, media and ICT market, and his strategy for the company.

CWS: What is Tunisiana’s position in Tunisia’s telecoms, media and ICT market?
KC: Tunisiana is the leading mobile operator in Tunisia. Offering mobile services directly and internet services through its Tunet affiliate, Tunisiana is also bidding for a 3G and fixed line license in order to extend its offering.

CWS: You came back to Tunisiana in late 2011 – How do you think the company has changed since you last were there in 2004?
KC:The company has certainly developed a lot since 2003. We were the challenger back then and now we are the leader. The company today has a strong, quality infrastructure with a wide range of services - and is led by a very experienced and high quality management team.

CWS: What are your objectives and how do you see Tunisiana’s strategy evolve in the years to come?
KC: Our main objective in the short term is to secure a license for fixed and 3G services. Assuming we are successful in this, our goal is to become the leading communications provider in Tunisia on all dimensions. In achieving this, we will maintain a focus on delivering the best customer experience in the country.

CWS: What are the main challenges affecting the development of the telecoms, media & ICT market in the region, and more particularly in Tunisia?
KC: Historically, I would say that the main challenge was a regulatory challenge. The market was far from transparent and the regulator was handcuffed by the political establishment. Today, we have a government that wants clear and open competition between the players and is intent on providing a strong environment for investment and growth. We also see a regulator that is more independent and intent and working in the interests of the consumer and the health of the industry. The challenge is to achieve all of this but I see a desire and willingness that will get us there.

CWS: Which trends or services do you think will shape the market in the coming year(s)?
KC: Data and IP connectivity are clearly the drivers of change and development. We are obviously looking forward to the increased performance and improved experience that will come with 3G and eventually LTE. I also see lower cost 3G handsets allowing for more people to use rich data applications. A lot of factors are converging to provide a healthy environment for growth in our market.

CWS: What has been in the impact of the Arab Spring on the business climate in the region and more particularly in Tunisia?
KC: People emerged from the revolution very optimistic about the future. This optimism is somehow offset by the economic reality that change will take time and that businesses have suffered. I think business people are still a little nervous. Investors do not like uncertainty and so they will wait to see how the government and people react to this new democracy. While I expect 2012 to be slower, I am hopeful that business will improve in 2013 as investors see the potential in this country and the people here.

CWS: How important is the North Africa Com event in promoting the telecoms, media & ICT market in the region and what do you expect from your participation?
KC: I am very pleased that Tunis is hosting this event. I look forward to meeting my regional counterparts and talking about our challenges and mutual growth opportunities. I expect good discussion and sharing throughts - and I welcome our counterparts in the industry to Tunis.

Ken Campbell will be a keynote speaker at North Africa Com, taking place in Tunis on 15-16 May, alongside other leaders from the region's operators, regulators, content providers, investors and more.

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