19 Mar 2012

Andy Brauer - CTO at BCX - discusses Cloud in Africa

Business Connexion's (BCX) CTO Andy Brauer chatted to the Com World Series team about Cloud ahead of the industry leading event - Cloud Africa - which is taking place in Johannesburg on the 23-24 May.

CWS: How would you describe existing ‘’cloud services’’ in Africa?

AB: Cloud Services in Africa are on the increase and gaining momentum.

CWS: What would you say is the level of awareness about cloud in your country/region’s ICT market?

AB: The Awareness is high and the understanding is starting to improve.

CWS: How rapidly do you think the adoption of cloud will reducing capital and operational expenditure for enterprises in Africa?

AB: This depends on which models you use the Capex will we reduced but the Opex can under some circumstances increase.

CWS: What do you think is needed to drive improved and cheaper bandwidth in Africa for cloud?

AB: The Fibre is In the Ground it is getting the last mile fired up which will bring the real competition and lead to better prices

CWS: Have you seen an increase in IT spend (in your business/country/region), and if yes, has it included investment in cloud?

AB: Yes 15% in cloud

CWS: What do you think is preventing enterprises in Africa from implementing cloud?

AB: Enterprises cannot switch to a cloud quickly as they have current investment. What is happening is that they are going for new services Which they are moving to a cloud base. Power and Bandwidth are some of the concerns, there is still a perception about security but internet banking is a form of Cloud which most people already use.

CWS: What do you think are the 3 key advantages gained by companies using cloud as part of their IT services?

AB: Cost Reduction - Agility - Faster time to launch New busienss

CWS: Which key message do you want to highlight during your participation at Cloud Africa in Johannesburg later this year?

AB: Cloud is about service choice and the models take on a more peer to peer nature as time progresses.

Andrew John Brauer is CTO at Business Connexion and has extensive local and international ICT experience and is involved in researching and introducing new technologies to create business value. His strengths include networking telecommunications, system management, open source software development and service-orientated architecture, and now developing cloud computing models.

Brauer has worked on most of the technologies in the ICT arena. These include: electronics, telecommunication, software development, system and network management, system integration, strategy, operations, management and business development.

The leadership roles which he has held over the years include technical director, chief information officer and executive director. His current role is CTO – being internally and externally focused. He is on the Research and Advisory panel of the Mereka Institute at the Council for Industrial and Science and a runner up in the ITWeb Visonary awards for 2011.

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