14 Dec 2011

Verone Mankou, "Africa's Steve Jobs", to discuss the first African tablet at West & Central Africa Com

Vérone Mankou has been one of the most talked-about entrepreneurs in West & Central Africa since he announced the launch of Way-C, the first tablet computer conceived and designed in Africa for emerging markets consumers.
Aged only 25, Vérone is CEO of VMK, a Congolese app developing company, who took on the likes of Apple, Samsung and RIM by developing the first African tablet. He is confident in his product's ability to rival the iPad and the Galaxy Tab, at a much more affordable price. No wonder he's been compared to Steve Jobs in the African press!
Vérone is also ICT Advisor for Congo's Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and ICT, and is part of theICT componant of the CAB (Central Africa Backbone) Project of the World Bank.
Vérone will be speaking at West & Central Africa Com, to take place in Dakar, Senegal on 13th and 14th June 2012. He will give an update on the Way-C project, share his ideas on device strategies for the region, and hopefully give inspiration to the 700+ telecoms and ICT professionals from the region attendong the event.