5 Oct 2016

Tech SMEs divide opinion at Nigeria Com

By Olufemi Omotayo - Founder and Managing Editor, EntrepreNews
With recent events putting Nigeria on the world map for it's positive contribution to technological innovation, there's a widely held assumption that everybody is in agreement that the industry has reached a turning point in its development.
However, this is not the case, as tech and telco professionals have widely divergent perspectives on digital development in the region. While some believe it is a major boon for Nigeria, others have thrown in a cautious word or two.
During a heated panel discussion at this year's Nigeria Com in Lagos, entrepreneurs and journalists explored strategies for creating a culture of digital innovation and a more inclusive business environment for online SMEs in Nigeria.

The panel on: "How to create a culture for digital innovation and a more inclusive business environment for online SMEs in Nigeria"
Moderated by Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata of Tech Trends on Channels TV, participants gave insights into the technology ecosystem in Nigeria.
While discussing the challenges Nigerian tech SMEs face, Wole Odetayo of Wennovation Hub wants investors to look more at early stage start-ups.
“We need more local and global players,” he says in reference to the recent visit to Nigeria by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.
“Innovation is a global concept and everyone is welcome to the Nigerian tech space.”

The panelists from left to right: Paul Adepoju, Olawale Rotimi, Olatorera Oniru, Opeyemi Okunoren and moderator Chukwuemeka Afred Agbata Jnr.
But, Paul Adepoju, Executive Editor of African Entrepreneur Magazine disagreed. He would rather Nigerians hold controlling stakes in their business ideas.
Also in the panel were Olatorera Oniru of Dressmeoutlet and Opeyemi Okunoren of Silicon Habour Investment who gave experiential information as entrepreneurs.
About the author:

Olufemi Omotayo is a social entrepreneur and multiple award-winning journalist/blogger with expertise in technology and entrepreneurship writing. He is the founder and managing editor of EntrepreNEWS, Nigeria’s foremost entrepreneurship medium. He is a seasoned speaker, mentor, facilitator and coordinator for many youth initiatives in Nigeria.

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