27 Jan 2015

Become a speaker at VAS Africa 2015 - Call for papers

You are invited to submit a topic proposal or paper to become a speaker at VAS Africa 2015 which is taking place on 30th June and 1st July 2015, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Africa has one of the world’s most innovative and complex mobile markets and the Value Add Services ecosytem is in constant evolution. The conference brings together all the mobile operators and stakeholders (telcos, OTT, content providers, mobile marketing experts, app developers etc) and provides a unique platform for discussion, learning and business development.

The challenges and opportunities offered are significant and questions to be addressed will include: How is the role of telcos changing as they move to increase revenue from VAS? How can revenue be generated from data services? How best can partnerships be developed between stakeholders?  What services will capture customers imaginations and ensure ongoing revenue for an increasingly complex digital value chain? What does the African consumer really want and what will they pay for? What will be the impact of LTE and high speed technology on the quantity and quality of content available and what barriers need to be overcome to move this forward?

The agenda content is carefully researched to ensure that we deliver a programme which addresses the above questions and helps the industry keep up with the rapid pace that digital world is moving at.  

The programme is currently being drawn up so if you would like to be part of VAS 2015 by contributing and sharing your expertise please submit a presentation title and include a short paragraph on your proposed topic.

As a guide here are some of the themes we are focusing on this year however if you have an interesting presentation outside this scope that you feel is relevant please do submit it.

•    Digital Services - Monetisation and Innovation
•    Getting the right technology - network strategies to support digital services.
•    Mobile financial services and money
•    Digital Music and Gaming
•    Mobile Health
•    Mobile Education
•    Mobile Marketing and Advertising
•    The role of regulation and policy in future market growth
•    Social Networking, New apps and the Youth Market

Please email any suggested presentations to Emma at Emma.Rynn@informa.com before Wednesday 4th February.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Emma Rynn

VAS Africa

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