28 Oct 2014

Creating Opportunities for Nano credit in emerging markets

Everywhere in the world, right in this moment, someone is communicating their love, value of their business, saying goodnight, good morning or good bye, selling their product or simply following up on a conversation. Someone else is communicating over email, listening to their favorite band, or video chatting with friends. In the next few seconds, for some of those people  those connections and conversations will abruptly end when they run out of or exceed their minutes, messages, airtime, cable TV, electricity units or money or data on their cellular plan.

We feel their pain, we’ve been there.

That’s why created something to help them finish the conversation, see the last minutes of the game, wash off their soapy hair, say good night,  finish that college application due in an hour, hear the song ending of their favorite band, pay that hospital bill, or even buy that shoe and say one last ‘I miss you’.

We give people the chance to complete their aspirations.

Formed with the main aim of bringing everyday mobile solutions through Mobile Network Operators to everyone, with emergency Credit financing, we provide nano-finance (facilities of less than USD20) to prepaid customers through innovative and customized solutions.

According to the Ericsson mobility report in June, there are approximately 6.8 Billion mobile subscriptions world over.

Out of these numbers, Africa, India, China and Middle east contribute over 4.3 billion subscriptions ( a majority of the numbers so to speak). For instance the top 5 countries by net additions were India, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh who contributed accounted for over 50% of new mobile subscriptions in Q1 2014.

These numbers in themselves speak volumes. It is worthy to note that a large portion of these markets are predominantly pre-paid.

Telcos in Emerging markets are continually faced with the challenge of servicing low ARPU customers with new low cost products and services. The other key area of growth will be in mobile money transfers, payment and low denomination credit – or nano credit if you are to use a different term.

These mobile markets are overwhelmingly prepaid, and that means airtime vouchers, as well as new SIM cards, must be widely and easily available if an operator is to have a business that functions at all, successfully or not.

As an experienced VAS provider in the emergency airtime space, MODE knows these challenges too well. Founded in May 2010 by two aggressive and passionate individuals and some earnestly trusting board of directors from across the globe, We started off operations in Kenya and have since facilitated transactions for millions of people across the globe, with offices in London, Singapore, Nairobi, New Delhi, Kampala, Mumbai, Lagos, Lusaka and Johannesburg.

Mode will be at AfricaCom 2014 – to register: http://africa.comworldseries.com/register/

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