31 Jul 2014

Nigerian Railways speaks on connectivity issues ahead of Nigeria Com

Connectivity across the public sector can have systemic impacts to how a city or country operates.  For a better understanding of the challenges at state level we discussed with Fredrick Onasanya, who is Assistant Director at the Nigeria Railway Corporation.  
Nigeria Com: How is your company positioned in Nigeria and what are its future objectives?

Fredrick Onasanya: Nigerian Railway Corporation is positioned in the Transport sector.

The objectives of NRC is to be the best in carrying passengers and goods at an affordable price through a well seasoned,trained experience staff with modern tools/equipment

Nigeria Com:  What do you think are the top 3 major trends that are affecting your business in the region in 2014?

Fredrick Onasanya:  (.a)The policy that established .Nigerian Railway Corporation does not give room for individuals to operate Railroad transportation
(b)Government is not releasing sufficient funds to finance railway compared to her counterpart in other countries

(c) Inadequacy of locomotive and rolling stock

Nigeria Com:  What are the remaining challenges in terms of connectivity and quality of services in the region and which technologies are most likely to resolve these issues?

Fredrick Onasanya:  Lack of rural connectivity

Challenges( a) .deficiency of energy supply (b)Lack of' Last mile' infrastructure (c) Extravagant cost of Internet connectivity (d) High cost of Bandwidth

Nigeria Com:  How are smartphones/tablets and cloud services impacting mobile/internet service providers in Nigeria?

Fredrick Onasanya:  APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY: WIMAX, VSAT, Cellular Telephone Network

Nigeria Com:  In your opinion, which companies are spearheading innovation in the region and what can be learnt from them?

Fredrick Onasanya:  The best GSM telecommunication company is Durban Communication Networks ltd Abuja

The best bank is Zenith bank.



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