30 Jun 2014

Tier 1 African Mobile Operator Selects Mobile-Technologies’ SIM and Number Management Solution

As a leader in the provision of advanced telecom solutions, Mobile-Technologies has been chosen by a tier 1 mobile operator in southern Africa to deliver a fully automated SIM and number management solution to manage their entire SIM supply chain more effectively.

The Intelligent SIM Manager (iSM) is a highly sought after SIM and number management system that deals with all the aspects of the SIM lifecycle. It helps the sourcing of SIM-cards by automating the collection of all data required pre-production, secures data transportation, handles warehousing and distribution, and finally the SIM provisioning and activation from a single web-interface.

“Many network operators use in-house manual processes or outdated solutions exposing themselves to costly production and inventory mistakes, loss of data integrity across multiple infrastructure components and the potential duplication of SIM card records. Our iSM solution completely eliminates these challenges while bringing in more efficiencies and cost savings.” Says Eli Hem Jensen, CEO, Mobile-Technologies.

Eli continues, “Access to new mobile number ranges from regulators is often restricted and very costly. This makes optimal number recycling business-critical. The iSM solution is the perfect solution to deal with these challenges.”

The iSM solution is part of our ISL framework which enables the operator to embrace new opportunities and capabilities including offering number selection, customer registration (KYC - Know Your Customer) and dealer management in a progressive and cost efficient manner. For more information: www.mobile-technologies.com

About Mobile Technologies Co., Ltd

Mobile-Technologies provide advanced services and solutions for wireless operators across the globe. Our leading-edge technology is based on many years of experience in telecommunications and we are proud of the value our innovative solutions bring to our worldwide clients. Our products and solutions are tailored for Mobile Operators. We cumulate years of experience in SIM lifecycle management, customer registration, SIM provisioning and activation, prepaid vouchers management and dealers management.

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