4 Feb 2014

Yuri Baev, CEO, RURU: “Speed, simplicity and security are the key factors in growing mobile payments”

The Com World Series team caught up with Yuri Baev, CEO of RURU, Russia ahead of the EurasiaCom conference and exhibition, taking place at Conrad Istanbul Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey from 25-26 of March to discuss Mobile Money and e-commerce ahead of the event. 

Yuri Baev,
RURU, Russia

Com World Series: How is your company positioned in the regional market and how do you expect it to evolve over the next couple of years?

Yuri Baev: Mobile finance service RURU is extremely handy service for new type of clients – digital clients. These are young, mobile and underbanked people, living an active life, communicating with friends, spending most of their time online. The mobile internet is already part of their lives, they live online. The first thing they do at morning: check e-mail,  read news on their tablets and smartphones. They want simple, fast, but secure and reliable financial service. We talk to digital client in comprehensible digital language and  provide them a simple financial service tuned to the customer. Continuous research and listening to client, analysis of their needs gives us possibility to respond appropriately and to adjust our services.
In the nearest future we expect financial services to develop us in integration with social platforms, further developing of mobile banking and developing of modern direct banking and real-time marketing.

Com World Series: What is driving adoption and growth of mobile financial services and how do you expect the mobile money market to evolve over the coming year?

Yuri Baev: The adoption is being driven by penetration of mobile internet and smartphones and by online commerce as such. Two factors - speed and simplicity - of the service in combination with security of payment from your telephone account, virtual card or linked card drive the adoption both in mobile world and traditional e-commerce.

Com World Series: How do the various stakeholders work together at the moment and how will this need to change in order for mobile money to become mainstream in the region?

Yuri Baev: For the moment it is "co-opetition" between banks and mobile operators. Both parties have great opportunities, as the financial services become more simple and available for mass consumer. However there are limitations as well: the banks tend to secure their access to the sources of money, the operators - their customer basis. What we need to do – to find win-win solution for both^ the banks and the operators.

Com World Series: What do customers stand to gain from your offerings in this area and how are you generating profits?

Yuri Baev: Our mission is to save the customers' time by bringing financial services closer to our customers. Our service is the starting point for users to understand that mobile payments are convenient, easy and safe. Now they don't need to think about how and where to pay for this or that service, in what way - the client chooses when and where he wants to make his daily payments - at home, in the office, on vacation, with credit card, electronic cash, funds on a mobile phone. For payment he only needs one service that always within reach - in his mobile phone, Finance service RURU. We give freedom and save time of our users.

Com World Series: What do you hope to get out of participating in EurasiaCom?

Yuri Baev: Ideas. Partnerships. New market opportunities.

Attend EurasiaCom to hear Yuri Baev give a presentation on “Mobile Money and Commerce – the advent of shopping on the go”, taking place on Day 2 at 15:10. Register Here