5 Nov 2013

Here's what's in store for AfricaCom... Only 7 days to go!

AfricaCom, Africa's largest annual communications Congress and Exhibition is only 7 Day’s away. 

Learn about mobile broadband & LTE deployment, find out how to improve and maintain customer satisfaction and gain knowledge on the evolution of the mobile money market…

Learn from the first movers in Africa’s mobile broadband & LTE deployment...
“Data, data and more data” is what you hear when asking what mobile operators are focusing on in Africa. As consumer demand grows and services are booming, operators are busy upgrading their networks to meet the new needs and increase revenues from mobile broadband.

LTE @AfricaCom is a new event dedicated to planning for and deploying LTE networks successfully. Over three days, the programme will include keynote presentations, interactive panel discussions, in-depth training and master-class sessions covering all aspects of LTE strategies. Learn from the first movers in Africa’s mobile broadband and from the technology companies delivering on the LTE opportunity.

Find out more at the LTE session on Day 2 & Day 3 at AfricaCom & Check out the agenda here.

LTE@AfricaCom Speakers include:
Irene Charnley,
Group CEO,
Smile Telecoms
Miguel Geraldes,
Managing Director,
MTC, Namibia
Deon Geyser,
Chief Operating Officer,
Millicom International Cellular (Tigo), Tanzania
Wilgon Berthold Tsibo,
Equateur Telecom Congo (Azur)
Thibaud Weick,
Group CCO,
Smile Telecoms

Learn how to improve and maintain customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and to grow your client base...

The phrase “customer is king” has never been more true than in this age of fierce competition. The race to provide and monetise services is definitely on, but all your investments and all the innovation in the world is nothing if you customers are not happy. The Customer Experience Management stream at AfricaCom focuses on strategies to improve and maintain customer satisfaction resulting in loyalty and client base growth.

Find out more at the Customer Experience Management session on Day 2 at AfricaCom & Check out the agenda here.

Step inside the world of quality customer service with expert speakers including:

Ammar Awni Mubaslat,
Principal Consultant, BSS Marketing,
Domenico Convertino,
Head of OSS EMEA,
Stephen Essien,
Head of Customer and User Experience,
Ebi Edun,
Head of Customer Experience,
Etisalat Nigeria
Jemima Kotei Walsh,
Customer Care Executive,

Learn how the digital music market is shaping up in Africa and how revenue is generated...
Audiences across the continent are passionate about music – both international and from the vibrant local scenes.

On the business side of things, all is being built. While the music industry in Europe and North America is struggling to adapt to new market conditions, Africa’s market is structuring itself around an emerging digital ecosystem comprising of labels, telcos, aggregators, digital service providers, distributors, handset manufacturers, app developers and more.

Digital Music Africa is the new event to discuss how the digital music market is shaping up in Africa. Who is making money from Africa’s music scene?  Are the business models incentivising development by the entire ecosystem? How are revenues shared?  Take a look at which products will generate revenues, what the best payment methods will be, and where new alternative revenue streams can be identified.

Find out more at the Digital Music Africa session on Day 1 at AfricaCom & Check out the agenda here.

Digital Music Africa Speakers include:

Francis Keeling,
Global Head of Digital Business,
Universal Music
Axel Bringéus,
Head of New Markets,
Francis Ebuehi,
Spinlet Group
Johan Lagerlöf,
X5 Music Group
Alfonso Perez-Soto,
SVP Business Development, LATAM, Spain and Emerging Markets,
Warner Music

2013 Africa Com Awards...
Secure your Seat or Table at the AfricaCom Awards Show
Join the industry’s most innovative movers and shakers at the Waterfront Lookout at Granger’s Bay, Cape Town, on the 13th of November.

To secure your seat at the Award show, please click here or telephone +44 (20) 701 75506 | email ITMevents@informa.com.

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