14 Aug 2013

Social media making a mark on Nigerian businesses

Topsie Egbetokun is Business and Social Media Strategist at Business Without Boundaries

Com World Series: How is your company positioned in Nigeria and what are its future objectives?

 Topsie Egbetokun: Business without Boundaries is position to hold the bull by the horn in every area of business development, entrepreneurship, mentoring & coaching, business training for both corporate and small businesses. We are position to drive the spirit of Entrepreneurship among individuals or groups as the only driving force to Nigeria economic development and help in solving some of staggering unemployment among youth and graduate. We are currently partnering and collaborating with both local and foreign entity to bring products and services to Nigeria to help change people’s mindset, share toolset and teach skillset for professional and personal development.

Com World Series: What do you think are the top 3 major trends that are affecting your business in the region in 2013?

 Topsie Egbetokun:  Power supply & infrastructures is a major challenge that needs urgency now to address, more than anything else. Too many bureaucracy at every private and public sector level that’s limiting, stopping and killing initiatives before they even see the light of the day. Changing people mindset and orientation as people are already wired in certain ways, afraid of change and too much complacency. But, Business without Boundaries as the name suggest is not letting anything limit or hinders its business growth and in the region. 

Com World Series: How are smartphones/tablets and cloud services impacting mobile/internet service providers in Nigeria? 

Topsie Egbetokun:  Smartphones/Tablets and cloud services are revolutionizing the way people communicate, connect and do business effectively. They are helping to simplify business processes, document/data usage, productivity tools and Apps to gain access to information whenever, wherever they are needed in a timely and speedy ways. People are constantly looking for Smartphones/Tablets and cloud services that will help streamline, collate and connect all their business processes and personal activities to reduce time, duplication of effort and access to information. 
With that understanding, mobile and internet service provider in Nigeria are going to be doing well in exponential ways. Mobile and internet service must position themselves to fill such needs bearing in mind competitive cost, understand Nigeria market dynamics and putting customers first into service delivery.

Com World Series: What are the remaining challenges in terms of connectivity and quality of services in the region and which technologies are most likely to resolve these issues?

Topsie Egbetokun: Companies or technologies that will resolve challenges in terms of connectivity will be those that really understand the Nigeria complex market dynamics, can innovate and think out-side of the box to deliver unparallel services at a competitive price. There are still issues with network connectivity, electricity, slow broadband and poor customers service. Existing Companies or technologies must step-up their games to meet these challenges as new Companies or technologies are emerging to break down bureaucracy, drive down cost and appeal to younger generation.

Com World Series: Who are you most looking forward to meeting/hearing from and what do you hope to achieve from taking part in NigeriaCom?

Topsie Egbetokun:  I look forward to meeting industry stakeholders to exchange ideas. I am open to new business opportunities or collaboration with individuals, private and public companies in the area business, technology, social media and entrepreneurship. With that said, I look forward to meeting everyone possible at NigeriaCom event.