17 Feb 2012

Tunisie Telecom Technology Partner of North Africa Com 2012

Tunisia's incumbent operator Tunisie Telecom has confirmed its participation as Technology Partner at the North Africa Com conference and exhibition taking place in Tunis on 15th and 16th May.
Director General Fadhel Kraiem will participate in the Leadership Summit in the opening keynote session at the conference. He will share his expertise and Tunisie Telecom's strategy on how telcos can adapt to a new market environment, both in terms of economic and socio-political changes and of technology evolution and convergence. In this session he will be joined by other leaders of the region's telecoms operator to share experiences and best practice from different markets.
As leader in the Tunisian telecommunications market, Tunisie Telecom offers a full range of fixed, mobile, Internet and data transmission services to address the needs of residential customers, small businesses and large corporations, as well as third party operators. The company has invested heavily in a modern infrastructure, leading-edge high-speed broadband technologies (FO, IP MPLS, 3G..) and a high-capacity global connectivity to achieve better quality of both its network and its customer relationships.
The North Africa Com team is pleased to welcome Tunisie Telecom as Technology Partner and to provide a window on the innovation and dynamism in the region's communications market. The 2-day event will include presentations, discussions and networking opportunities for all representatives of the region's telecoms, media and ICT sector.

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