4 Feb 2009

Blogger signing off... and handing over

Maintaining this blog has been a real pleasure since I decided to enter the blogosphere back in August 2008. A number of interesting comments, proposals and insights have arrived in response to things I've written here. However, it is now time for me to hand over the Com World Series blog to my colleague Ms. Julie Rey. For some time, Julie and I have responsible for specific geographical territories covered by the Informa Telecoms & Media Com World Series. My part in this has been rewarding and educational - but is now coming to a close.

From next month I will be pursuing a new opportunity. I will continue to work in the telecoms space and continue to be focused mainly on developments in emerging markets. In my new role, I hope that it will be possible to continue offering my thoughts on telecoms sector news. I will certainly continue blogging for the time being. My new blog can be found at:


Thanks, Joe Willcox

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