15 Jan 2009

(Mobile social) networking in Istanbul

Greetings from Istanbul. This evening I will be speaking at the January meeting of the local Mobile Monday chapter, sharing just a few of the ideas detailed in our (soon-to-be-updated) report on Mobile Social Networking. The organiser, Natali Yesilbahar (who works with B2B social software platform XING) tells me that services of this kind are not yet a commercial reality here in Turkey and that there is therefore likely to be a good level of interest in my short presentation. I only hope I am able to answer questions and contribute to discussions to the satisfaction of the group attending tonight. I understand this will include managers from this country's three mobile operators (Turkcell, Avea and Vodafone) as well as companies actives in the mobile VAS space, of which there seem to be a good number headquartered hereabouts.

Wearing my marketing hat, I hope that a consequence of attending this evening's meeting will be a locally raised awareness of our Eurasia Com conference and exhibition, which will take place here in Istanbul 31 March & 1 April. Opening with a Keynote Address from Turk Telekom CEO Dr Paul Doany, the event will gather telecoms execs from its host country and many more from the CIS markets of the Caspian and Central Asian regions.