13 Oct 2008

Discovering new mobile market entrants in Central Asia

As we speak to contacts across the Caspian Sea and Central Asia regions, we see that the competitive landscape in a number of these markets continues to change. A friendly contact in Kyrgyzstan flagged up the imminent market entry of a new GSM player, 'Nur Telecom'. We have also become aware of a CDMA operator which appears to have gone to market with services since we last gave our database of the region's companies a major update: a company named Sotel, using the Nexi brand appears to have built CDMA mobile and WLL networks and services. Finally, a look at the CDMA Development Group website reveals that another WLL player named 'Global Telecom' seems to be getting ready to go to market.

Meanwhile, a research respondent in Tajikistan alerted us of the presence of what he described as a "small company which is offering broadand services over the country's only WiMAX network".

We are digging out information of this sort on a daily basis as we work to create to make the 5th annual version of our regional conference yet more valuable than previous iterations.